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February 15, 2011

Vote Scott McDonell Today, March tonight

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Normally, I try to avoid using this space for electoral politics (especially local electoral politics); however, these aren’t normal times in Wisconsin. The unprecedented attack on workers by the Governor requires everyone to take a stand.

I’ll be voting in the Mayoral and Dane County Executive primary in a few minutes. Tonight, I hope to  join a candle light vigil at the Capital.

I’m torn in the race because there are good people running. The Race for Mayor (for the primary) isn’t really competitive. The incumbent Mayor will face the longest serving Mayor of Madison (the two faced off in 2003).

For County Executive,  I want either Scott McDonnell or Joe Parisi to be County Executive. Scott has been chair of the county board for the last four years while Joe served as County Clerk and spent the last two years as Democratic Whip of the WI Assembly (they were in the majority).

I’m torn. But it comes down to this: Scott McDonnell managed to get County workers’  4 year contracts signed before January 1st thus sparing County workers of the pain that may emanate from the Walker administration’s attempt to destroy industrial relations in Wisconsin. He also used his majority to advance progressive causes.

I’m voting for Scott today–but I hope Joe makes it too. It would be great to hear them debate strategy on how to fight the governor instead of arguing whether he is doing a good job (he’s not). In the General Election, I will have more to say and it will be about the candidates that have the most progressive view on how to deal with Il Duce Walker and his crew.

If you are in Madison: Vote then March!

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