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February 17, 2011

Teacher’s Walk Again

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For an unprecedented third day, Madison teacher sick out.

Y’know, in my youth, we use to sing about the final struggle. This is it. If we lose this battle, I will not see worker dignity in my lifetime. It will take generations to repair the damage that the Republicans want to commit upon the working class of Wisconsin.

I have no illusions, and neither does my co-op. This is about disenfranchising workers. This is about taking away our rights and our dignity.

Today, at the Capitol, Game Wardens were brought in for security. They donned banners and joined in the chants. It is unconfirmed, but it appears that the Highway Patrol refused to seek out the Democratic Senators who fled the state. The Governor apparently tried to set the National Guard on them to no avail.

I stand with the teachers. I stand with the Firefighters. I stand with the garbage collectors. I stand with the Police. I stand with all public workers. I stand with all workers. #wiunion

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